Happy New Year

Our Society finished the year with a terrific Christmas party in place of our December meeting. There was an excellent turnout (120 attendees) and it was great to have Deputy Mayor Councillor Judith Rutherford and her husband Ken represent our patron Willoughby City Council’s Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney.  Merit awards and Annual Point Score awards were presented and many members took this opportunity to showcase their December flowering orchids.

So a new year begins and memberships fees are due. At our January meeting we reflected on how much we get for our meagre $16 membership fee:

1) access to the best one-on-one advice from knowledgeable members on how to grow and maintain all sorts of orchids in Sydney’s climate.

2) fantastic learning opportunities – such as the educational culture classes given that night by Seony Tay and Garrie Bromley who demonstrated how to repot paphiopedilums and cattleyas and let us into their secrets on potting mixes.

IMG_8361.JPG   img_8374

3) spectacular  monthly displays of living flowering orchids showcasing the amazing biodiversity of this plant group. (just look at our bulletins to see the variety!)

IMG_8347.JPG  img_8364

So come along and join us and fuel your own passion for plants!